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Wilderness emergencies don't follow boundaries. A thousand miles of Olympic Peninsula trails cross the county, state and federal lands of America's northwest wilderness. JSAR members routinely assist search and rescue teams in neighboring counties as well as park and forest rangers on missions and co-operative training exercises. During searches, or in the event of natural disaster, JSAR members contribute their specialized skills in search management,
radio communications, dog searches,
emergency medical care, evidence
searches, high-angle technical rescue,
tracking, whitewater rescue and more.
Any day or night. Every day of the year.
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
81 Elkins Road - Port Hadlock, Washington 98339
911 in Emergency
Phone: (360) 385-3831
Toll-Free: 1-800-552-0750
Fax: (360) 379-0521

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Roping Off Gorilla Rock